2007 April 08.
The condition of the pilar-plate:
This restoration was executed very much on a "as time permits" and "as the mood takes me" basis. To begin with, each and every component was inspected and repaired/replaced as necessary. The functional but as yet unfinished components were then assembled and tested. Once all was satisfactory and the balance swinging it was time for disassembly and finishing of the piece parts. The processes included polishing of the steel parts, frosted silvering of the brass parts and subsequent gilding.

The caliber size was decreased by sharpening in order to fit the movement in a already used case. The old one came surely into money. So the pillar plate was filed to an oval shape. (1) And the plate got a cutout for a strange hand-setting. (2) The thread of the dog screw was damaged. (3) Deep file marks on the upper surface. (4) A mark "B-33" deep engraved. (5) The edge of the pillar plate shows varying widths.