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The English version!

The book, approx. DIN A4, in cloth hardcover, enclosed by a protective
foil jacket, shows 544 pages.

Steffen Erich Pahlow...
...made some Tourbillon pocket watches under the rules of Glashütte/Sa.
...talks about himself, about relations, about watches,
...reports about his passion, about watchmaking,
...shows engineering drawings, details, photos,
...documents in more than 147 drawings all components,
...explains the components and their functions,
...terms dimensions, wheel sizes, materials.

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Why did I write this book
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I love old Tourbillon pocket watches. Often this kind of watch is very expensive. In order to save money I decided to make my own Tourbillon watches. It succeeded. For this reason, some friends desired and requested to pass my experiences. I did with writing books. However, many friends from foreign countries were sad and disappointed because of the German language.

In English!

Now I announce that my 'bestseller' book

'Touhrbillon, about my passion'

is available in the English language, starting from November 2008.

It is not my passion to sell books or to sell watches, so I run no business of any kind in that way.
A person interesting in my book must accept that I sell as a private person and I cannot guarantee
in any manner, as well not for services of post offices, shipping time etc.

For the time being you can order the book and buy only from me or a special book shop.
Every book copy gets a number and is sign by the author Steffen Pahlow.

The book found worldwide acknowledgment. More about the book see above!

Price calculation
The book price is calculated with 205 Euros. The price contains 7 % value-added tax (valid for Germany). The book price worldwide is 190 Euros (without tax). Forwarding expenses are to pay in addition and will be communicated, if the address for dispatch is clear.

This will be often very expensive. Worldwide mail by international press, air mail and registered post,
between 19 - 28 Euros. Within Europe about 16 Euros.

If you intend buying, send an email and write your address. Do not
forget the word
Tourbillon-book in the email subject line.

I will answer for details.
I hope you will enjoy my book and learn much about Tourbillon watchmaking!
Steffen Erich Pahlow, Im Setzling 13a, Bad Nauheim, 61231, Germany.